2000 Series

Product Description PDF
2405 Section Controller – 5 Section (2400)
2400P Spray Controller Proportional Control) v3.0
2400P Spray Controller Proportional Control) v4.0
2400DC Spray Controller (Direct Control) v4.0
2300S Spray Monitor v4 (Series 3) – Touch Panel only
2300 Spray Monitor MKII (old Style with cal/operate switch)
2300 Spray Monitor MKII V3 (old Style with cal/operate switch)
2200S Surveillance Monitor (Simplicity 3x)
2200RFM Surveillance Monitor (Ryan Farm Machinery)
2200JS Surveillance Monitor (John Shearer)
2200HB Surveillance Monitor (Horwood Bagshaw)
2200G Surveillance Monitor (Gason)
2200/8 Surveillance Monitor (8 Shaft)
2200 Surveillance Monitor (Standard)
2199 Digital Scales – 120kg (Calibration Guide)
2188 Digital Hay Moisture Probe with Calibration Clip
2189 Digital Hay Moisture Probe Plus

Temperature Compensation

2179 Windrow Moisture Tester
2178 Baler Moisture Tester Plus
2178-Software Baler Moisture Tester Plus Software Update (v1.3)

Software HERE

2177 Baler Moisture Tester
2166 Digital Grain Moisture Meter (MKII)
2167 Digital Grain Moisture Meter PLUS
2155 Digital Grain Moisture Meter MKI
2100 Grain Loss Monitor
2085 Pressure Sensor (3X00) 0-20Kpa
2080 Pressure Sensor (2200) 0-20Kpa
2077 Engine Shaft Sensor Kit (50-9999RPM)
2076 Shaft Sensor Kit (1-1500RPM)
2070 Engine Temperature Sensor Kit (40-120c)
2070 Engine Temperature Sensor
2060 Bin Level Sensor Kit
2034 Pulley Sensor Kit
2031 Flow Sensor Adapter Kit
2030 Turbine Flow Sensor
2025 Pressure Sensor Kit (0-2500kpa)
2015 Pressure Sensor Kit (0-500kpa)
2008P Proximity Sensor (Brown/Blue)
2010P Proximity Sensor (Blue)
2009 Tailshaft Sensor Kit
2002 Wheel Sensor Kit
2000 2000 Unimeter
24V1 (UVC) Spray Controller 24V1 3 & 5 (UVC Version)
24V1 (MAKATO) Spray Controller 24V1 3 & 5 (Makato) – Quick Guide
24V1 Spray Controller 24V1 3 & 5
22C6 Liquid Controller (Single Rate)
22C5 Unitrol Spray Controller
22C4 Unitrol CX Series
22C2-N Spreader Control (Norrish)
22C2 Spreader Control
22C1 Gate Adjuster (v4)
22AAMS 22AAMS (Europe)